Hunt Institute of Botanical Documentation exhibit, Hunt Library 5th floor. Through June 30. Hours: M–F, 9 am–noon & 1–5 pm; Sunday, 1–4 pm (except 18–20 April, 4 May & 25–26 May). Hours are occasionally subject to change, so please call before your visit: 412-268-2434.HIBDDuetsPassiflora

As with duets in music, this exhibition creates new, harmonious couplings of botanical art featuring items created between the 16th and 21st centuries from the Hunt Institute collections. The pairings explore the parallels between works created for numerous botanical applications. They include works painted during expeditions and in native environs; plants of the Americas and introductions now cultivated for the garden; works that showcase the Eastern aesthetic and its modern influence; work of a classical style and more experimental and evocative processes; plants illustrated for agricultural and economic purposes and for their pure aesthetic; and work by historical masters and the contemporary artists they influenced.

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