Cambridge Structural Database 2009

Cambridge Structural Database 2009 [download instructions].

NOTE: If you have an earlier version of CSD installed, remove it before installing the 2009 version OR install it to a new folder on your computer.

Cambridge Structural Database (CSD) provides access to the world’s repository of small molecule crystal structures. Contains the results of X-ray and neutron diffraction analyses of more than 420,000 organic and metal-organic compounds. Provides comprehensive and retrospective coverage of the published literature. The CSD is continually updated with new structures (annual growth rate is ca. 9%) and with improvements to existing entries. Use CSD to:

  • Search and visualize crystal structures
  • Analyze molecular dimensions
  • Investigate conformational preferences
  • Explore pharmacophoric patterns
  • Probe intra-and inter-molecular interactions
  • Instantly retrieve and study molecular geometries
  • Predict intermolecular interactions

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