UPDATE Library Excellence Awards

UPDATE … and the Library Excellence winners for 2009 are:

  • Gabrielle Michalek — faculty excellence in innovation (to implement Research Showcase, the Carnegie Mellon repository for faculty & student research, publications, etc.)
  • Kristin Heath — faculty excellence in productivity (LC classification of previously-uncataloged arts library collections, such as music scores)
  • Nancy Koelbler — staff excellence in productivity (cataloging ‘problem’ books at E&S for which LC classification was not available during the recent changeover from Dewey to LC)
  • Cindy Carroll, Jillian Chisnell, Mary Kay Johnsen and Maranda Reilly — team excellence (planning & marketing “Justice Illuminated: The Art of Arthur Szyk” at Posner Center)


TIME SENSITIVE Nomination deadline: June 3. Members of the campus community are invited to nominate library faculty or staff members for excellence in 2008-09.*  Excellence Award winners receive cash awards & campus acclaim. Award categories are:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Productivity
  • Library citizenship
  • Forwarding instruction & research
  • Innovation

2009 Nomination form
Send completed nominations to Diane Covington, dianec@andrew.cmu.edu

*Winners from the past 5 years are ineligible to win in 2009: J Alexander ’04, I Eula ’07, G Henning ’06, A Mans ’05, AM Mesco ’06, A Perlman ’05, K Sestili ’07, C Trexler ’04

Library Awards Program


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