ICUDL 2009

ICUDL 2009 “Global Collaboration for a Global Digital Library” marks the fifth in a series of International Conferences on the Universal Digital Library (UDL). The vision of the UDL is to create a global knowledge resource to preserve digitally and to provide free access to all human knowledge. This vision has been broadened from “books” to include other knowledge formats, such as multi-media and monuments. Conference videos:

  • Part 1 “Always On” – Mark Donner, Google
  • Part 2 “Effect of students and Faculty/Researchers on Digital Libraries” – Susan Gibbons, University of Rochester
  • Part 3 “The Google Book Settlement” – Michael Shamos, Carnegie Mellon
  • Part 4 “Visible Legacies for Y3K” – Les Earnest, Stanford University
  • Part 5 “Machine Translation for Digital Library Content” – Jaime Carbonell, Carnegie Mellon
  • Part 6 PANEL: Dr. Xianxiong Ge, Fudan University; Carolyn Rose, Carnegie Mellon; Steven Rosenberg, Carnegie Mellon West; Chris Tomer, University of Pittsburgh

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