Feedback on Hunt Library Exterior Lighting

Between January 20 and February 11, 2011, University Libraries asked members of the campus community for feedback regarding Hunt Library’s exterior lighting. A gift from the Hunt Foundation, the lighting was officially unveiled in November 2010. Lighting designers are now able to program colorful light displays across the façade of Hunt Library to coincide with holidays and campus events.

Implementing lighting displays requires the time and expertise of a lighting designer (Cindy Limauro) and a programmer. Since it is not cost effective to re-program the lights every time there is a suggestion for a holiday or special event, it was decided that the library’s Student Advisory Council (SAC), the Dean, and Tod Hunt Jr. will agree in advance upon a year-long schedule of approved holidays.

In addition to soliciting general comments regarding the lighting, the primary purpose of the survey was to determine which holidays and campus events should be featured on the building. An announcement regarding the survey was prominently displayed on the Libraries home page for three weeks. Students were given the opportunity to anonymously submit comments either electronically or in person. A total of 215 responses were received: 115 online and 100 via interviews of randomly selected library users.

HOLIDAYS & EVENTS – Members of the campus community were asked to suggest events or secular holidays that Hunt Library should celebrate with special lighting. Approximately 96 different possibilities were submitted. The top 22 suggestions are listed below with response frequency in parentheses. [more]


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