Booklovers have a FABS-ulous time at CMU

Booklovers can find something for everyone in Carnegie Mellon’s libraries.  Fifty-eight members of the Fellowship of American Bibliophilic Societies (FABS) visited Pittsburgh in May during FABS’ annual book tour and symposium, which highlights special book collections in a different city each year.  John Block, publisher of the Post-Gazette and a noted bibliophile, offered to host a tour in Pittsburgh.”  Many attending had no idea that Pittsburgh has become such a wonderful place to visit,” said FABS President David Culbert.  FABS members are lobbyists for old books, said John Schulman, co-owner of Caliban Books in Oakland in a recent Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article. “They are interested in advancing the idea of the book, its aesthetics, its history, and the fact that it is still the ideal way to read anything,” the newspaper quoted him as saying.

The group spent most of one day enjoying some of the treasures to be seen in the Posner Center, Hunt Library’s Fine and Rare Book Room, and Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation. At the Posner Center, dean of University Libraries Gloriana St. Clair spoke about the lifetime collecting interests of Henry Posner Sr. (1888-1976), who created the Posner family collection, as well as the unique contributions of his son, Henry Posner Jr. (1918-2011).  The younger Posner conveyed the collection on long-term loan to Carnegie Mellon, built the Posner Center to insure its preservation, digitized the works for universal access, and funded a student internship program to research and mount biannual exhibits drawn from the collection. Ongoing stewardship and the internship program are coordinated by the libraries with the Posner Fine Arts Foundation, created by him. [more]


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