Libraries transfer more low-use materials into storage

This summer the University Libraries are making a concerted effort to transfer additional low-use materials from library collections to the newly expanded offsite storage facility located on Penn Avenue. Funded by library donors and constructed in 2010, phase 2 of the Libraries’ offsite facility has effectively doubled available storage for low-use items. Stored materials are listed in the library catalog with a BY-REQUEST location code. They can be requested online and delivered for pickup at a campus library as
needed (24-hour turnaround).

The offsite storage expansion was strongly endorsed by the Student Advisory Council, Help Hunt, and the Faculty Senate Library Advisory Committee. It was a top priority for students because sending more low-use materials off site will allow restoration of more reading and study space for library users. It will also free up space to house new university services in the Libraries, such as the proposed establishment of a writing center in Hunt Library. And less crowding on the shelves will make it easier for everyone
to find the newer books they want and need.

At Mellon Institute Library, another impetus to move low-use items into offsite storage was an agreement with the university to reallocate 5th floor stack area space to Mellon College of Science. Again, this decision was endorsed by students and faculty because the Libraries have pledged to use reallocation monies to improve 4th floor study and meeting spaces for MI Library users and, when possible, to replicate displaced journals, abstracts and indexes with digital backfiles or digital surrogates, which students and
faculty prefer.


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