The storms

A note from Gloriana St. Clair’s college roommate, Theresa Jaye, in Oklahoma:

I woke to the sound of thunder at 5:13 am – no one in okieland today could go back to sleep hearing that rumbling. as i rose, i could see sharp, white lightning splitting the clouds, and the bob seger line went with me as i found the morning weather report: “woke last night to the sound of thunder, how far off, i sat and wonder, starting humming a tune from 1962”

while i counted the seconds between lightning and thunder, the weather said it was thunderstorms only, no tornado cell like the one that put oklahoma into the news. then the rains started and i drifted back to sleep in the easy chair for another hour, rising to a full-on storm (poor rescue workers in Moore, 9 miles north of here).

two of our libraries are closed, a baker’s half-dozen of our staff are homeless or trapped at their homes waiting for the day to shake out. we do what little we can to make it easier for staff and customers directly affected – there’s little more that can be done.

already hundreds of people are filing into okieland, jamming the streets looking for a way to help, the media are clogged with human interest stories, breaking our hearts and making everyone sad. as i walked across the street to work today, there were parents with kids, getting ready to board buses to schools — the kids were crying, the parents looked pretty anxious, i looked away and hurried inside.

mother nature bats last: today is an IM texted straight from the heavens, affirming that bon mot. you may pray to whatever god you hold precious, but this is after all okieland in may.

and right after mother nature, my sense of the ridiculous rises: last night, one of the precious young things broadcasting misery was trying to get on camera and obviously finishing some kind of telephone/skype interview. she turned to the camera, apologizing for the delay: “sorry, i was finishing an interview with the israeli news bureau. they asked me “How can people in Oklahoma stand to live in a place where this kinds of violent storm can destroy everything?'”

without blinking a tearful eye, the clueless bunny went on to give a poignant, there’s-hope answer — while all i could think was “really, the israeli news really asked that question?!” THAT was their question?, really?

okay, i’m fine, safe — and evidently still crazy after all these years — order, order in the universe and all that…working on the night moves, funny how the night moves, with autumn closing in. love…


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