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Open access advocates oppose publishers …

In private negotiations with institutions, some journal publishers are trying to increase embargo periods on author manuscript deposits into repositories beyond what is publicly stated in their open access policies.

SPARC, SPARC Europe, JISC, OAIG, and COAR have issued statements strongly urging institutions not to enter into private agreements with publishers that override existing publisher policies or previous licensing agreements.

The statements also urge publishers to dispense with additional restrictions and regulations that hinder deposit and accessibility of scholarly work by confusing users and complicating repository maintenance. See:


Petition NSF to adopt open access mandate

Demand Progress has launched a petition calling for the National Science Foundation (NSF) to adopt an open-access mandate.  The petition is available at

St. Clair Leads Research Showcase Digital Initiative

CMU press release, 10/2/09. “Gloriana St. Clair, newly reappointed dean of University Libraries at Carnegie Mellon University, is leading a digital initiative called the Research Showcase to support scholarly communication and access to information. The Research Showcase ( is an easy to use online repository in which Carnegie Mellon faculty and graduate students can self-archive their writings, research and other creative or intellectual properties, and maximize their exposure to search engines. St. Clair, first appointed dean in 1998, is beginning her third term.  …”

Electrifying Knowledge

Electrifying Knowledge by Tom Imerito (Pittsburgh Quarterly, Summer 2009)

“An effort to scan the world’s books is under way – creating a growing, globally accessible virtual library that had its start in Pittsburgh …” Raj Reddy, Gloriana St. Clair, Michael Shamos and Jaime Carbonell were among those interviewed for this article.

St. Clair on University Libraries

Gloriana St. Clair YouTube video [4.24 minutes]. Dean of Libraries Gloriana St. Clair reflects on the innovations of the last decade and the future of the University Libraries. Courtesy of Carnegie Mellon’s Inspire Innovation campaign.

The American Journal of Science – Scout Report

American Journal of  Science, a digital archival collection produced by Carnegie Mellon University Libraries, is featured in The Scout Report (March 27, 2009).

EXCERPT  “[The online collection] contains over 140 volumes of the Journal. Visitors can search the entire contents of the collection at their leisure, or they can just browse around for a bit. For historians of science and those with a curiosity about what scientists and others found of importance in the 19th century, this collection will be invaluable. “

Academic libraries foster key skills in next generation

Academic libraries foster key skills in next generation. Libraries are invaluable cornerstones of college and university life. By equipping the next generation of engineers, teachers, doctors with the training and research tools needed to compete in the global marketplace, library professionals make a vital contribution in today’s challenging economic times. Co-authored by Betsy Wilson, dean of university libraries, University of Washington, and Erika Linke, associate dean of Carnegie Mellon University Libraries. Special to The Seattle Times (March 5, 2009).