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Mar. 24: The Presentation Games

presentation3March 24, 2015
Scaife Hall 214 (tentative)
Tony Eng (MIT)

This is the third in PCR’s 3-part series on preparing strong presentations for audiences outside your field.

Workshop 1: Being in the Moment
4-5:30 PM 

One of the most difficult aspects of live presentations is focusing on the audience and not on your content or your delivery. In this workshop, we’ll try to get you out of your head and into the moment by playing some games, many of which come from improvisational theater.

Workshop 2: Delivery
5:45-7:15 PM

Good delivery consists largely of getting rid of habits, but sometimes we aren’t even aware of what our habits are. In this workshop, we’ll help you identify an area to improve and to find ways to make your delivery more effective.

Register for either or both of the workshops here.

CMU’s Public Communication for Researchers is a professional development program to teach communication skills to graduate students in fields of research. The goal of PCR is to help participants learn and practice communicating science to people of any background. “We just want to feel comfortable talking about our work to the media, the voting public, and our grandmothers.”



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