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PeerJ Computer Science

PeerJ logo SQNew journal, just announced: PeerJ Computer Science. Now accepting preprints and  open for peer-reviewed article submissions beginning February 12. Read PeerJ’s blog post to find out why PeerJ feels the time is right to launch a new journal to address the needs of the computer science community.

The Libraries underwrites CMU authors’ lifetime membership in PeerJ to support open access publication in biological, medical—and now, computer—science.



Electrifying Knowledge

Electrifying Knowledge by Tom Imerito (Pittsburgh Quarterly, Summer 2009)

“An effort to scan the world’s books is under way – creating a growing, globally accessible virtual library that had its start in Pittsburgh …” Raj Reddy, Gloriana St. Clair, Michael Shamos and Jaime Carbonell were among those interviewed for this article.

Copyright Issues / Publication of Dissertations

Copyright Issues Related to the Publication of Dissertations. Researched & written by librarian Lynn Berard with advice from Carnegie Mellon’s Office of Legal Counsel (2009). This information complements the University Libraries’ instructions to deposit your PhD dissertation. (~1951-present) is a portal from FIZ Karlsruhe. Documents from various sources are offered in a standardized format through one common search interface (with duplicates removed). Includes:

  • CompuScience produced by FIZ Karlsruhe
  • Digital Bibliography & Library Project (DBLP) offered by the University of Trier
  • Lecture Notes in Informatics (LNI) and other publications by Gesellschaft für Informatik (GI) e.V.
  • IEEE Computer Society Digital Library
  • Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LCNS) by Springer-Verlag
  • Publications from other publishers (e.g., Elsevier GmbH, Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Blackwell Verlag GmbH, Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, IOS Verlag, World Scientific Publishing Co., and Taylor and Francis Group)

Gloriana St. Clair: A Brief Appreciation

Gloriana St. Clair: A Brief Appreciation. John Ockerbloom celebrates St. Clair with a blog posting on the occasion of Ada Lovelace Day (March 24).  Ockerbloom earned his PhD and was a post-doctoral fellow in the School of Computer Science; he is now IT Sr Project Leader for the library at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia.

Fall 2009 Internship

Fall 2009 Internship. Apply by April 17. Research & create an exhibit at Posner Center. Option for credit. 15 hours per week, 15 weeks. $3,000. Any Carnegie Mellon undergraduate or graduate student may apply.

Computing Reviews

From ACM. Computing Reviews is a resource for both specialists and generalists. A community of over 1,000 reviewers, all experts in their fields, provide timely commentaries and authoritative critiques to guide users to the best new books and articles in computing.  Includes search, browse and alert functions.  New reviews are published daily.
Within Computing Reviews,  Hot Topics focuses on potential high impact areas for computing.