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Database: Statista

StatistaStatista: An international statistics portal that integrates data on media, business, finance, politics, health, demographics, and many other areas, from 18,000 sources, most of which are private. Highly findable and usable data – on its own and nicely packaged in reports and dossiers with graphics and charts, fully downloadable, with ample metadata and sourcing information. Contact Roye Werner if you have questions.


NEW: Statista

StatistaStatistics on populations, industries, economics, media, opinion, politics, lifestyles, and many other topics. Easy to use. Downloadable with publication rights. Reports and graphic displays available.

LexisNexis Statistical now has datasets

LexisNexis Statistical provides 3 indexes to large collections of published graphs, charts, and tables, as well as a new component called “DataSets,” which provides the raw data itself.

PUBLISHED COLLECTIONS – The collections, which are searched together, and of which about 70% are available in .pdf, are:  Index to International Statistics (IIS) (1983-present), American Statistics Index (ASI) (1973-present), and Statistical Reference Index (SRI) (1980-present).

RAW DATA – DataSets opens up when you click on “Customize Data” on the main search page. DataSets allows direct manipulation of a huge collection of raw data – to create charts, graphs, tables, and maps from single or multiple datasets, also allowing calculations, analysis, comparisons, etc. A full description is here:

Europa World

Europa World: The Europa World Year Book Online delivers impartial economic, political and geographic background information and statistical data by country, and includes thousands of directory contact details with click-through web links and a comprehensive listing of some 1,900 international organizations.


ICPSR (Inter-University Consortium for Political &  Social Research) provides access to an archive of social science data for research and instruction. Because Carnegie Mellon is a member of ICPSR, faculty and students can download data.