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From our friends in the Global Communication Center

GCC logoThe Global Communication Center (GCC) located in Hunt Library supports the Carnegie Mellon University community by providing advice to help plan and develop strong written, oral, and visual communication projects.

Highly trained GCC tutors can help with any academic communication task, including course papers, lab reports, presentations, scientific posters, dissertation or grant proposals, journal articles, emails to advisors or potential employers, and application materials.

Schedule Appointments

CMU students can schedule up to 15 free appointments per semesterOff-campus students who are unable to come to the library for face-to-face appointments now have an option to request etutoring appointments. Students using the email service will be sent a screen-capture video containing a tutor’s feedback within 24 hours of their appointment time. Email appointments are available on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.

Register for Grammar Groups

These informal groups meet every two weeks to discuss specific types of sentences and writing situations that typically cause difficulty for non-native English speakers. You must be a current Carnegie Mellon student to attend.  Registration ends the day before the meeting.


Three Minute Thesis – Championship Lineup!

front of inviteEleven Ph.D. candidates competed for top honors  in CMU’s 2014 3MT Championship on Tuesday, Feb 18, in McConomy Auditorium, UC.

Watch the finalists perform in the Championship!

  • Amy Dale, Engineering & Public Policy/Civil & Environmental Engineering
  • Patrick Foley, Statistics
  • Clare Mahoney, Materials Science & Engineering
  • Eric VanEpps, Social & Decision Sciences
  • June Zhang, Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • Ardon Shorr, Biological Sciences
  • David Rollinson, Robotics Institute
  • Arun Shrivats, Biomedical Engineering
  • Aaron Wise, Computational Biology
  • Suchitra Ramachandran, Biological Sciences
  • Derry Tanti Wijaya, Language Technologies Institute

More about 3MT competition

Three Minute Thesis is sponsored by the University Libraries.

Posner Center Internship, Spring 2014 – $3000!

Spring 2014 Posner Internship PosterCarnegie Mellon students! Apply now for a unique opportunity to pursue individual study, showcase your research in a public exhibit—and earn $3000. Apply now! The Posner Center Internship Program is sponsored by the Posner Fine Arts Foundation.

To apply, compose an essay explaining your interest or proposed research topic, including the materials you would plan to use from the Posner Memorial Collection, and a brief bio.

During the spring 2014 semester, the selected intern will research their topic, and work with the special collections librarian to prepare an exhibit of that research for display at the Posner Center from summer through fall 2014. The exhibit will be promoted by the University Libraries and accessible to all Posner Center visitors, including the university’s Board of Trustees.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Monday, November 25 at 11:59pm. Please direct any questions to the Special Collections Librarian, Mary Kay Johnsen, at 412-268-6622 or


hathiLOGOCarnegie Mellon University has joined HathiTrust, a partnership whose goal is to build a comprehensive digital archive of published literature from around the world. Members have access to over 10,600,000 works that have been digitized by Google, the Internet Archive and Microsoft, or by partners’ individual initiatives. Full-text search features allow users to mine content and create customized collections while remaining compliant with U.S. copyright law.

HathiTrust began in 2008 as a collaboration of 13 universities to establish a repository for archiving and sharing library collections that were digitized as part of the initial Google Book project. Today, over 60 research libraries worldwide have committed to long-term availability of the cultural record.

HathiTrust was named for the Hindi word for elephant, hathi, symbolic of the qualities of memory, wisdom, and strength evoked by elephants, as well as the huge undertaking of congregating the digital collections of libraries in the United States and beyond.

It’s here: Open Access Week 2012!

The University Libraries invite you to participate in Open Access Week 2012, an international celebration of the movement to provide free online access to research and scholarship.  Ten years ago the Budapest Open Access Initiative launched a worldwide campaign for open access (OA) to all new peer-reviewed research.  Today OA is well-established and growing in every discipline. The benefits of OA have been proven.  The feasibility of OA has been demonstrated.  Recommendations for moving ahead have been articulated.  It’s time to set the default to open.

OA is strategic for Carnegie Mellon, affirmed by Faculty Senate resolutions in 2007 and 2008.  The University Libraries advocate for open access and, in collaboration with the Office of Government Relations, lobby for legislation in support of open access.  The Libraries provide an open-access repository and publishing platform called Research Showcase.  CMU faculty and students can deposit journal articles, conference papers, technical reports, theses and dissertations with confidence that the Libraries will preserve the material and maintain open access to it.  Faculty and students can also use Research Showcase to manage journals and conferences, from paper submission and peer review to publication and preservation.

To celebrate Open Access Week 2012, the University Libraries will have tables in Hunt Library, Newell-Simon Atrium, and the University Center, 11 am-2 pm, October 22 (Monday) and October 25 (Thursday).  Come play Non-Trivial Pursuit or Name the Researcher and win a prize.  Come talk to a librarian about issues and developments in scholarly communication.  Get answers to your questions.  And above all, celebrate Open Access Week 2012!

Apply for Fall 2012 Posner Center internship!

Internship applications are being taken through Monday, April 30 at 5 pm. The Posner Fine Arts Foundation funds one $3,000 internship per semester for a Carnegie Mellon University student to do individual research in the Posner Memorial Collection and prepare an exhibit. poster

Exhibit: The Last Minstrel

Sir Walter Scott  & The Minstrelsy of the Scottish Borders. Through April 30. The exhibit by Sheila Liming (PhD candidate in English, Literary and Cultural Studies) is the latest in a series of exhibits curated by Posner Center interns and funded by the Posner Fine Arts Foundation.

ABSTRACT: He had failed as a playwright, and garnered only mediocre esteem in his career as a legal scholar, yet Walter Scott was determined to achieve success. In 1802, he convinced James Ballantyne, a publisher in whose Edinburgh operations Scott had invested a hefty sum, to publish The Minstrelsy of the Scottish Borders. The work was meant to be a “slim volume” consisting of traditional Scottish folk ballads collected firsthand by Scott. The published product, however, was a massive, three-volume set, containing everything from war epics, to romantic sagas, to new works designed to emulate the style and diction of Scottish folk balladry. The Minstrelsy of the Scottish Borders was a hit, and granted Scott wealth and prestige. This exhibit showcases the Posner Collection’s beautiful, 1810 edition of Scott’s epic Minstrelsy, and explores the vast literary network of the early nineteenth century and Scott’s rise to unprecedented, international literary fame. — Sheila Liming